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Screw Jack Systems
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1977 The firm was founded by family Zimmermann in 1977 and nowadays delivers to over 40 different countries.

We began with sales of high-quality transmission parts such as pinions, bevel gears, toothed racks, chains and linear guides. ZIMM can also perform finishing on standard catalogue parts, e.g. reaming, grooving, turning and milling as required.
1991 Our ZIMM modular screw jack system was launched on to the market. From 1989 onwards the modules were developed further and in a few years became the main product of the company. This modular system offers a flexible programme for the precise electromechanical adjustment of linear movements, and with loads weighing as much as 100 tons (1,000 kN) per screw jack.
1999 We moved into our new premises in the Millennium Park in Lustenau.
2009 Our sister company ZIMM Solar GmbH was founded, specialising in electromechanical drives for the solar and photovoltaics industry.
2012 In 2012 Gunther Zimmermann took over the family firm. His management has given ZIMM a new lease of life and is continuing with innovative concepts and ideas.
2016 Foundation of ZIMM USA Inc. in Chicago.
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