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Screw Jack Systems
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Areas of use

Even if ZIMM’s name isn’t on it, ZIMM is often inside!

The end consumer uses mundane items and materials produced with ZIMM Screw Jack Systems, but he never gets to see the “little helpers from ZIMM“.

Screw jack systems are used in automated production and assembly lines. A screw jack gearbox is an electromechanical drive and is used where weights have to be very accurately controlled and carefully positioned.

Some areas of use:

  • The assembly lines of practically every renowned motor manufacturer
  • Elevating platforms and aircraft manufacture assembly and maintenance
  • Production lines for
    • Flat screen manufacture
    • Production of plastic profiles for the window industry
    • Manufacture of sheet steel and steel profiles, insulated glass, man-made boards
    • Fleece fabric for hygiene products or insulation material
  • Food packaging machines
  • Drinks bottle filling and labelling plants
  • Paper processing plants

Changing scenery and different stagings are made possible by ZIMM technology at Bregenz's Festival Theatre and the Lake Stage. Other large theatres such as the Mariinsky in St. Petersburg and the Bolshoi in Moscow use ZIMM screw jacks to move stage sets weighing tons.

International corporations and renowned machinery and plant manufacturers rely on ZIMM's innovative products and solutions.

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