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Screw Jack Systems
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Innovative separate lubrication



Screw and gearbox lubrication

Trapezoidal screw TR

Illustration trapezoidal threadInspect the trapezoidal screw regularly and regrease it depending on the operating cycle. Use the grease that we recommend. These greases are ideally matched to the operating requirements of our screw jack systems.

Ball screw KGT

Illustration ballscrewLubricate the ball screw KGT every 300 hours of effective operation. For heavy-duty systems every 100 hours. Grease quantity: Guidance value approx. 1 ml per cm screw diameter.

Gearbox lubrication

The gearbox is sealed and is filled with highpreformance synthetic grease (gearboxes from Z-250 are oil-filled). The gearbox is lubricated for life in normal operation.


LubricantsCartridge 400 g


Lubricator Z-LUBLubricator
Z-LUB, ZIMM lubricator

Lubrication for short stroke applications

S version

For short stroke applications (stroke < gearbox height), take particular care to ensure lubrication of the trapezoidal screw.

The simplest tactic is to specify the screw jack with a longer stroke than the gearbox height, and periodically perform a lubrication stroke. Otherwise, contact our Engineering Department for a suitable solution.

R version

If stroke length < nut height, use a nut with lubrication capability (such as a duplex nut DM).



Special lubricants

For special applications and for the earlier MSZ gearboxes we can offer suitable lubricants in each case. These include amongst others:

  • High-temperature grease
  • Low-temperature grease
  • Food grade grease
  • Clean room grease, etc.

Other greases, contamination

Using multipurpose greases and other greases can significantly impair operation and shorten the service life. If the screw becomes dirty, clean and regrease it.

Long-life systems

The grease used in long-life systems (such as working platforms and theatre stages) loses its lubricating properties after about 5 years. Dust and dirt penetration intensify this effect. We recommend complete cleaning and regreasing after 5 years. If mineral greases are used, this may be necessary after only 2-3 years.

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