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Screw Jack Systems
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Special applications and conditions


The ambient temperature is very important for system operation.
Always inform us about ambient temperature and conditions, especially if these deviate from the usual 20°C to 25°C.


Normal temperature

Always specify on your enquiry and order if the equipment will be exposed to ambient temperatures below 10°C or above 40°C. The highest temperature rises in operation occur at the shaft seal ring
and on the trapezoidal screw. The Tr spindle can achieve a rise in temperature double that at the gearbox.


In operation at an ambient temperature of 20°C, the gearbox reaches 60°C (rise of 40°C) and the Tr screw about 100°C (rise of 80°C).
The temperature of the Tr spindle should not be allowed to exceed 100°C.


Low temperature

The seals and most of our lubricants we use are specified in principle for operating temperatures down to - 40°C. However the design should be checked for suitability if operating temperatures below 10°C are envisaged. Lubricants become stiffer and the break-away torque becomes higher.
Generally speaking, all components must be sized adequately for temperatures below zero, because the material strength is reduced.


High temperatures

For operating temperatures above 60 °C we recommend the use of high-temperature grease in the gearbox, and the use of FPM seals (standard paint finish up to 90 °C).
For operating temperatures above 100°C please contact us so that we can offer appropriate solutions.


Temperature range of standard parts

Standard screw jacks -20°C to +80°C (when <10°C or >40°C please contact us)
High temperature screw jacks up to 160°C, or 200°C
Round bellows -20°C to +70°C (max. +85°C)
Polygonal bellows -15°C to +70°C (no exposure to direct sunlight)
Limit switch -40°C to +70°C
Limit switch cable standard -25°C to +70°C
Limit switch cable special -40°C to +105°C
Rotary pulse encoder DIG -40°C to +80°C
Motors above 40°C reduced power,
e.g. factor 0.8 at 60°C
Connecting shafts VWZ+KUZ-KK 0°C to +70°C,
reduced from -20°C to +100°C (max. +120°C)
Couplings KUZ -20°C to +70°C,
reduced from -30°C to +100°C
Bevel gearboxes -10°C to +90°C
Ball screws KGT -20°C to +80°C

For lower and higher temperatures, please request information on the component from us, with your enquiry checklist.

Ambient and operating temperatures:

The ambient temperature is relevant for components such as limit switches or bellows. For gearboxes, the operating temperature is slightly or considerably higher than the ambient temperature, depending on the duty cycle.


Clean room


Various fields such as semiconductor production, flat screen production, optical and laser technology, spacecraft production etc. demand high cleanliness, which means that clean room standards must be maintained.

Clean room

A clean room is a room where the concentration of particles in the air is controlled and satisfies defined cleanliness classes. It is important to keep the particle contamination caused by work materials, lubricants and drives to a minimum.

Your system

Use the checklist to enquire about the system you require and also specify the particular requirements for your application. We can then offer you a system to meet your requirements.


Food industry

Food industry sector

The foodstuffs sector operates at a very high level of automation. On the one hand this promotes a very high level of hygiene, on the other hand it permits intelligent and efficient systems for economic production.

Resistant against corrosion

Our Z and GSZ series are corrosion-resistant and are therefore very suitable for most applications in the food industry. The GSZ gearbox with its smooth surfaces is particularly suitable. The Z and GSZ series are not suitable for special applications where stainless steel is mandatory.

Screw jack systems

We supply gearboxes and systems with food grade grease to the food industry. Our food grade greases are FDA-approved. Use the checklist to enquire about the system you require and also specify the particular requirements for your application.

Resistant against corrosion

Standard corrosion protection

When installed indoors in heated buildings with neutral ambient conditions.
Max. surface temperatures up to 90°C.
All relevant components of the ZIMM Z series and GSZ series for these operating ranges are coated as standard against corrosion. The colours black, anthracite and silver are visually neutral and fit in with any colour combination.

Enhanced corrosion protection

If installed outdoors or if subject to condensation or direct exposure to the weather.
Enhanced corrosion protection by additional coatings or special paint finishes, possibly stainless steel spindles, UV-resistant or moisture-resistant gaiters.

Special corrosion protection

For environments containing chemical pollutants, in coastal areas and exposed to other aggressive conditions.
Special corrosion protection by the use of stainless steel components or other special measures.

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